5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your PPC Campaign

Mistakes in PPC Campaign In digital marketing there are two ways of acquiring the top rank. One is unpaid but slow and the other one is paid but gives immediate results.

PPC campaign is a paid marketing strategy which can be performed through online Google AdWords tool. With the help of this tool you can choose the most effective keywords to create online ads. In PPC campaign you have to pay against every click. As we all know PPC stands for Pay per Click. This is a most effective way of selling at the top without waiting for years or months.

On one hand PPC campaign is good to go for profitable results but on the other hand it is risky and can cost you a hell of amount in case of poor handling. The concerned person is supposed to be very vigilant and skilled in choosing the right keyword. There are certain mistakes which can ruin your entire campaign.

To avoid failure you must avoid the following disastrous mistakes while doing PPC campaign…

These below mentioned mistakes are very commonly witnessed; they should be eliminated from your PPC campaign for profitable results.

  • Wrong Landing page:

This is the biggest mistake that most of the marketers happen to do. They link their PPC campaign ads with the wrong landing pages. You must be thinking what are those wrong landing pages as the whole website is very skillfully designed. The ads you create are about specific product or service but when you will link this ad with the home page URL or contact us page then this will surely give a bad impression.

  • Ads Posting without Testing:

Once you have created your ad, make sure to test your ad performance before making it live for other visitors. Check every aspect of it and once you are satisfied with the performance level, it’s ready to be launched. This pre testing will save you from a big loss. Utilize all the features of AdWords tool to get the best out of it.

  • Broad Match Keywords:

Be very specific in your keyword search to target the most relevant audience and to hit the maximum conversion rate. Often professionals mistakenly make a list of keywords with broad match which can create trouble in targeting the potential customers. Wise option is to stick with the long phrases and most relevant phrases with maximum search volume.

  • Missing Negative Keywords:

The option of negative keywords is added to assist professional digital marketers in eliminating unwanted words to maximize the visibility against search query. This would be a poor mistake if you will not utilize this useful feature in your PPC campaign. Once you will tag certain unwanted words with negative option they will not show your ads against those words.

  • Avoiding Geo Targeting:

People are more concerned with the options where the state is mentioned within visibility option. When you will specify location or the name of the state people will get more attracted towards your ad they will feel an unknown familiar feeling. This is how you can target more individuals.

This is how you can make your PPC campaign very effective.                                                                                    

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