Facebook Analytics! Which Ones Matter for Your Business?


Today we’re going to talk about Facebook analytics. We know that Facebook gives a lot of analytics to run our business, it knows what makes our business work even better. I want to tell you about the two places you should visit to get the best analytics out of Facebook to grow your business and start getting some big success. Head over to SocialPinger.Net and first kick start your social media presence (this is optional for established business but effective for startup business).

I’m going to give you my best tips on stuff that’s working for me on Facebook and stuff that frankly you shouldn’t waste your time on. Facebook gives you to two kinds of analytics, the first one is on your-

Facebook page

Business as home on Facebook is a page on your Facebook page. I will tell you about things like out of the total things you posted on your Facebook page, which ones did people liked the most, which ones did they click on the most, which ones did they shared the most, how many people liked your page last week, how many people unliked your page. However, if your page contains spam posts, people may tend to unsubscribe to your facebook page. The first set of analytics it provides you is on a little tab in the top that says insights. They don’t call it analytics they call it insights and it’s very insightful.



It also tracks all the other pages that your audience has liked. What you should know is that you can run ads on those pages to get more of your fans to come over to your paid post to receive tons of analytics for your Facebook page.

Now a good social media tip is that you would want to use when you’re on your page is that you can put up to five other people’s pages of your niche. It will provide you the analytics of those pages as well. I use this social media marketing space SocialMediaExaminer.com.



Your ads are pretty much everything you imagined them to be. It will give you the analytics on your ads and how well your are ads performing. A very important thing to notice is relevant score. You want your ad relevant score to be a seven, eight or nine. If it’s sitting down there in the toilet like a two, three or four ads, not clicked by the people, then Facebook penalize you and  you’re just going to have to pay more money.

Try replacing the post, if you want to get it to eight or nine so that you’re getting the lowest ad rate possible. Now, Facebook will tell you how many people click on your ad and how many people share and like your ads. It will tell you all about how you set your campaign up, which ads are performing the best, and which audiences are best to target.

It gives you a tons of analytics report on your ads. You would definitely want to look at it. You should definitely test different audiences and different ads to find out which ones are getting you the results. The final thing it gives you is just general analytics about people on Facebook. It’s called audience insights.


I hope it must have given you sufficient insights about the Facebook Analytics and how to make the most of the analytics tools to reap profits out of your facebook business page.

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